Work Experience – Hannah!

Hannah Pinder, who has been on a work placement at our Preston office this week, kindly took some time out of her busy week for us to ask her some questions about how her placement has been going…


Hi Hannah, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to me! So tell me, how did you end up with your placement at Birchall Blackburn Law?  

So I met Gill in November at an event at University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) which is an annual careers jamming session called CJAM. I had 8 minutes to pitch to her about why I would like a work placement with BB Law. It was tough competition, there were about 40 students there and I chose to pitch to Gill. At the end of the event, Gill awarded me the one week placement and here we are!  

Did you study law?

I didn’t originally no, I did my degree in Sociology at Edge Hill and now I’m currently doing my Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at UCLAN.

Whilst I was studying sociology I was interested in law and had a week work experience at a law firm, so that placement steered me onto the path I’m now pursuing.

Have you enjoyed your time with BB Law?

Absolutely! It’s only been a one-week placement, but I’ve never been bored and always had something to do. I have been given information and allowed to apply this to different documents, create court bundles and attend client meetings, it hasn’t just been sitting in a corner reading a file! I feel like Gill really thought about how I could get the most out of this week, so I’ve learnt a lot!

That’s great to hear! So have you stayed in the Family department for your full placement?

No, I’ve been able to spend some time in lots of different departments which has been great. This week I’ve spent time in family, private client, conveyancing, specialist property, litigation and I’ve even got involved with the post to see how important all of that is too. I’ve learnt a lot!

What have you enjoyed the most?

I’ve enjoyed everything! I’ve been set loads of work to do, and been able to get involved with the team. Everyone’s been really helpful, and welcoming which has made a big difference.

I got to sit in on client meetings every day, and type up the notes from those meetings, so I’ve enjoyed those.

Any big challenges?

No, not really. If I have struggled with anything, I’ve asked one of the girls, everyone’s been so helpful. I was a bit nervous going into the week, but that was because I wanted to get the most of my time with BB Law.

Were the team nice?

Yes! Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming. They even got me an Easter egg and a bunch of flowers which I was not expecting!

What has been the biggest thing you’ll take away from your week with us?

Probably the skills I’ve learnt. I was given some freedom to do things myself rather than just watching others so that has really helped. Seeing how Gill deals with clients and how she interacts with them was particularly interesting and insightful. She put a lot of thought into the whole placement and what would be the most beneficial for me.

Do you still want to specialise in family law?

I’m not too sure, I’ve really enjoyed family, but I’ve also found specialist property really interesting, so it’s been a real eye opener! However, family has always been an area I have found particularly interesting and could easily see myself going into.

So what does the future hold?

Well I’ll be finishing my GDL this year and then in September I’ll be starting my legal practice course combined with masters. I also hope to find some legal work to do alongside my studies.

Hannah, thanks for all your hard work this past week, it’s been great having you!

We wish Hannah all the best with her GDL and the future.