Your days out recommendations

The easing of lockdown has meant that in July many of us have taken the chance to get out to places we’ve missed. Social distancing rules still apply but you have give us some wonderful suggestions and inspired days out to help shake off the cobwebs.

As places started to open this month Hannah Smith, from our Family Team, took the chance to play crazy golf at The Flower Bowl in Preston.

The Flower Bowl is an amazing family entertainment centre and just across the street is the award winning garden centre, Barton Grange.

Hannah says, “It’s beautiful there and they were well prepared for visitors.”

If you want to stretch your legs, than Hannah also recommends Hoghton Bottoms in Chorley for a walk. It has something for everybody with stretches of open countryside, woodland and riverside all close to one of the earliest estate villages in Britain. Hannah loves the waterfall and there is lots of space for families to pitch up and have a picnic.

Meanwhile Lauren Parker, Industrial Disease Team in Chester, raced to the Ice Cream Farm at Tattenhall in Cheshire. Lauren says, “They’ve set up a drive through! It’s amazing and you can buy litre tubs of ice cream too. Had to re-organise my freezer to fit in my tub of choc ripple cookie dough, managed to squeeze in Chris’ mint choc chip in a small corner.”

The ice cream farm is fully open again with loads of fun attractions for the kids if you book online. They have done a good job of making your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Susan Liver, from our Clinical Negligence Team, advocates a National Trust membership to get you walking out and about again. It gives you free parking and access to dozens of magnificent houses, mighty castles, stunning coastlines and dramatic landscapes across the North West of England.

You can visits Heyshan Coast near Morecambe (picture below), Rufford Old Hall between Southport and Preston, Formby Coast near Southport, and Quarry Bank Gardens, Tatton Park and Dunham Massey in the Manchester area. And that is just a handful.

When the green light was given Stuart Hughes, from the Marketing Team, packed his family into the car and headed straight for Delamere Forest to the East of Chester. Whether you want a walk, run or cycle, it is a great place to avoid the crowds and enjoy the woodland.

Stuart says, “It’s a beautiful and relaxed place to go. It’s great in the summer but I really recommend an autumn walk because the colour of the forest is just breath-taking at that time of year.”

And if you can’t get to the place where you want to go, then you bring the experience home. Jan Garvey, from our National Asbestos Helpline Team, was supposed to be in Italy right now but for obvious reasons that did not happen. So the next best thing was an Italian made Bialetti Moka Express Hob Espresso Maker.

Jan says, “My holiday in Italy never happened, so I brought a bit of Italy to me! Best lockdown purchase. Coffee to die for!”