Your lockdown hobbies

With more time at home and a little less time commuting hopefully we all have a little bit more time for our hobbies, which often get neglected because life gets in the way.

Having something to divert your mind away from work, viruses and the news is vital for your wellbeing. And, it turns out you have some wonderfully creative hobbies that are helping you to unwind and de-stress.

Stephanie Costich, from our Specialist Property Team in Preston, loves singing but her passion has taken a back seat in recent years due to other commitments. However, during lockdown has managed to join a virtual band called the ‘Isoulation Band’.


Stephanie says, “We’re all working together (over a 100 people) to re-record classic soul tracks. The first one I featured on was ‘Tequila’ – I don’t drink it, promise – and it was so much fun.”


You can check out the YouTube ‘Tequila’ recording here… We’ve see it and it is amazing!

Jess Blacow, a member of the Property Team in Morecambe, immerses herself in colouring for a hobby and you can see some of her amazing work in the photographs below.

Jess says, “I have more pen supplies than Rymans. No joke! I own over 80 colouring books. I find it very relaxing and it is very effective to calm you down after a stressful day. To get a bit technical, research has found that adult colouring can benefit mental health and help with anxiety and depression.”


Indeed, psychology researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand have found there are definite mental health gains when children and adults colour-in for as little as 10 minutes a day.


The study, published in the Creativity Research Journal, found the unusual past-time could potentially be used as an accessible and cheap self-help tool to manage some symptoms of poor mental health.
Michelle Lancaster-Lyness, from our Private Client Team in Chorley, is a keen rock painter. It is a wonderfully creative hobby that she does through a Facebook group called ‘Love On The Rocks UK’.


Michelle explains, “You paint rocks, put a message on the back and leave out and about for people to find on walks. It puts a smile on people’s faces and spreads happiness!”


You can see some of Michelle’s fabulous rock paintings in the photographs below and her son, Raygn.
It seems that those of us lucky enough to have gardens are using them to wind-down during lockdown and really indulge in our green fingered hobby.


Fiona Hendry, from our Industrial Disease Team, says, “My escape is my garden. I’m lucky to have one. Half-an-hour in it, more if I can, at the end of each day keeps me sane or sane-ish.”


Fiona admits she has a got a lot to do in her garden. The pond is a work in progress having been neglected for some years and her raised beds are completely overgrown with brambles and raspberry canes. We’re expecting great things by the end of lockdown, Fiona!
Mervin Smith, from our Catastrophic and Serious Injury Team in Manchester, loves his horticultural hobby and found a beautiful and unique way to celebrate Holy Week and Easter during lockdown.


Mervin says, “Given that churches all shut this Easter, over the three days of Holy Week and in an attempt to commemorate Easter through my garden I created scenes for Good Friday (crucifixion), Holy Saturday (light in the darkness) and Easter Sunday (resurrection).”

Take a look at Mervin’s wonderful photographs of his garden below.

The bad news is that Stuart Hughes, from our Marketing Team, has found some time to take up the ukulele as a hobby, which he has been threatening to do for years.

Stuart says, “It’s a really cheap and simple instrument to play with loads of free tutorials online to get you going. I only know four cords at the moment but four cords are all you need to start utterly murder hundreds of your favourite songs, which I am currently doing. It’s torture for my family and they can’t escape but it’s a great bit of escapism for me.”