Your lockdown music and podcast recommendations

Whether it’s an all out dance in the kitchen to shake off the day’s stresses or quiet reassuring voices as you work through your files, your listening recommendations have been music (and chat) to our ears.

Amanda Seller, from our Catastrophic and Serious Injury Team in Manchester is encouraging us to turn up the volume on the Spotify playlist, ‘One-Hit Wonders’. There will be similar earworm playlists on other music streaming services. All the biggest one hit wonders from Hanson to Chesney Hawkes and everything in between to lift your day and get you warbling. You’ll be surprised how many you know – and love!


Andrew Taylor, from our Healthcare & Clinical Risk team in Preston, goes to the tremendous beats of House Music to brighten his day. He recommends that you start with ‘DJ Spen – Live from Baltimore (Defected Virtual Festival)‘ on YouTube or Ax Bois House Party on Mix Cloud (you’ll need to download the app to access the link).


Andrew says, “A lot of club DJ’s old and new are doing live streaming sets on a Friday and over the weekend. It’s very uplifting and always brings back memories of good times.”


The comfort of the radio’s mix of music and chat can’t be underestimated during these strange times. Susan Liver, from our Preston Clinical Negligence Team, recommends listens to ‘Chris Evans Sky Radio Breakfast Show‘.


Susan says, “It’s a positive early morning radio programme which sets you up for the day detailing the latest things happening in the world.”

If it’s the spoken word then there is a whole universe of podcasts to explore. There are so many available but we’ve had two particular suggestions that might get you started or offer an alternative to the podcast you already listen to.


Jessica Manson, a member of our Industrial Disease Team in Chester, recommends ‘The Off Menu‘ podcast.


Jess says, “It’s two comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster hosting with a new guest each time and they go through the guest’s dream meal. It’s very silly but I’ve got some good ideas for food and restaurants to try once we are all free.”


Stuart Hughes, from our Marketing Team, recommends ‘The Moth podcast‘, which are true stories that have happened to real people and told live to an audience.


Stuart says, “They’re a soaring mix of laughter and tears and struggles and triumphs with each story revealing the best in people. It’s a great antidote to our lockdown troubles.”


Lauren Parker, from our Industrial Disease Team in Chester, recommends downloading a load of audiobooks.


Lauren says, “I wasn’t getting along with music on my Boris walks so I’m currently listening to Harry Potter. Stephen Fry’s voices are amazing! It means I manage to get out for an hour or so depending on my mood.”


And just in case you don’t know, there is a 30-day free trial at Audible, an audiobook streaming service. You can cancel after the month or choose to pay a monthly subscription like most streaming services.


Also, just a word of warning. The website links in the copy above may not work in your work internet browser but you should be able to copy them into your personal browser or to your phone. Failing that just search for them on the internet.