Your wild and wonderful neighbourhood

We take a look into August’s wildlife, flora and fauna on your doorstep and further afield

This month’s comings and goings brought the first signs of autumn to your neighbourhoods, pebbles and rocks on the beach, and cows to the bottom of the garden! So, please explore our little wild corner of the Birchall Blackburn Law website.


Autumn is on its way with Fiona Hendry’s magnificent growing pumpkins! Roughly the size of medicine balls the vegetables have completely out grown Fiona’s raised bed area!.


Fiona and her family also managed to holiday in Nefyn, West Wales. The beach there is wild and beautiful. Fiona collected rocks and pebbles to make some abstract beach art!


Making the most of August and the last of the summer, Mervin Smith has installed a hooded monk on a pedestal in his wonderful garden. He worked hard to surround it by shrubs and plants with a gravel path leading up to the figure. The best part is that birds can nest safely under the hood of the monk.


Julie Lee took this photograph of one of her trees displaying red berries. Julie couldn’t believe it – suddenly the season seems to have progressed to autumn!


Julie Lee’s regular visitors were back again! The cattle in the adjoining field to her garden enjoying the lush summer grass.


Russell the hedgehog keeps returning to Michelle Lancaster-Lyness’ garden and treating himself. He’s become a permanent fixture!


Check out Susan Liver’s beautiful flowers. They are Campanula, Nicotiana, Thumbergia, Lavender, Geranium, Delphinium-Princess Caroline, African Marigold and Saxifrage.


Susan also spotted a wild (stray) black cat trying to muscle its way into the garden territory.


Julie Lee managed to take a snap of this acrobatic squirrel on the bird feeder. Think Mission Impossible but hairier.


What about Hannah Smith’s beautiful flowers from her garden? Amazing!


Mervin Smith’s roses enjoying the sun in his garden are glorious!


Not to mention Mervin’s blooming Salvia Hot Lips. Fantastic!


Paul Pickering’s working from home was briefly disrupted when his family in Chester discovered a baby blue tit had spent the night in their kitchen!


Kieran Brocklehurst, from our Client Services Team, discovered wild Smurfs in his garden! The Smurf’s new village may have had something to do with his wife, Julie and their children – who loved building it for them!


Charlotte Thornborrow, from our Leyland office, sent stunning photographs of the wild flowers in here garden.


Susan Liver, from our Clinical Negligence Team in Preston, managed to capture two hedgehogs enjoying supper in here back garden.


Esther Thompson, from our Litigation Team in Preston, has also had a regular hedgehog visitor to the garden!


Julie Lee from Preston’s Clinical Negligence Team, says that the only thing enjoying the wild weather in June is her hanging baskets and planters – and they are thriving!


Julie Lee’s only other wild visitor to her garden in June has been this young bear – her Great Nephew, Teddy! Daddy bear, Alex Fryer, is in our Accounts Team.


Julie Lee, from our Preston office, is fortunate to be surrounded by fields so her family doesn’t have to go far to see beautiful flowers.


And obviously living surrounded by fields, Julie is also never far from a cow (which is technically not a wild animal but still a lovely sight).


Jan Garvey, from the National Asbestos Helpline Team, managed to capture a photograph of a little robin chick in her Frodsham garden. The little chick was being fed by its mum but she flew away when the camera came out!


Jonathan Dickinson, from our IT Team, unpacks his camera when he gets a chance to do some suitably social distanced photography in the garden. He even managed to capture an image of a friendly bee.


Fiona Hendry, from our Industrial Disease Team, has been trying to tame her wild garden. Fiona says pond excavations and clearing has been completed. She rescued and relocated back into a clean pond 63 newts (one of the newts is below!), one frog and numerous dragon fly lava. Even the water boatmen survived. Plus her best ever crop of lupins – not a greenfly in sight!


In case you miss the newt we’ve put him in a circle!


Russell the hedgehog has started to appear in the dark in Michelle Lancaster-Lyness’ garden. The family look out for him every night.