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    2628, 2628, ryan-crotty-V7t83TLfBIA-unsplash 1, ryan-crotty-V7t83TLfBIA-unsplash-1-scaled.jpg, 75589,,, Woman with head on shoulder of man with white hair, 2, We know how vital bereavement damages are to support a family through the sudden and devastating loss of a loved one. , , ryan-crotty-v7t83tlfbia-unsplash-1, inherit, 2616, 2022-06-22 10:12:43, 2022-06-22 10:13:21, 0, image/jpeg, image, jpeg,, 2560, 767, Array
    Woman with head on shoulder and arm around a man with white hair

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    The Coroner can write a report after an inquest if evidence suggests that further avoidable deaths could occur and preventative action should be taken. The reports are sent to the person or authority with the power to reduce the risk.