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Family law matters are extremely sensitive and often involve many distressing and emotional issues. Our specialist team of family lawyers will help and guide you through the complex legal procedures that are all too often necessary.

We understand that family law issues can be deeply upsetting and that you need a family lawyer that you can completely trust and who will be there for you every step of the way. Our specialist family law team will do just that and will use their expertise combined with a compassionate approach to help you to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.


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When a relationship ends for whatever reason, the period during and after the break up can be a stressful and highly emotive time for all those involved……more

Alternative to court

Many couples going through a divorce or separation would usually prefer to avoid the court process if possible. If this is the case then the collaborative law process may be right for you….more

Children disputes

It can be a difficult and emotionally charged time if you separate. And it can be even more so when you have children. We’re here to give you the support and reassurance you need to confidently make the right decisions and work towards a positive outcome for all concerned……..more 

Domestic Abuse and Violence

Whatever the circumstances, if you are suffering from or are at risk of domestic abuse, we can help you take steps to protect yourself…more

Financial disputes

When couples separate, dividing up property and assets and agreeing on maintenance can be a complex process….more

Public funded children matters

The area of child protection is complex the implications are far-reaching. Our Public Childcare Law team provide a sympathetic yet expert approach which is needed to achieve the best outcome for the child…more


Despite the widely held belief, the term “common-law wife” or “…husband” does not confer any legal rights where the couple are not married…more

Pre-nuptial agreements

For couples who have recently married or who are preparing for their upcoming wedding, planning for a possible future breakdown of the marriage may not seem like a very romantic idea. However pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements may be a sensible and appropriate option for you…more

Other family matters

There are many other issues which can arise whether or not a relationship has broken down, that require the services of a family lawyer…more

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