Fatal criminal injury claims

What is a fatal criminal injury?

A fatal criminal injury is where a person dies after being an innocent victim of a violent crime.

How do I make a fatal criminal injury claim?

Compensation for fatal injuries are claimed under the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) Scheme the most recent of which was updated in 2012. That means you’ll need to apply for compensation directly through the CICA website.

We highly recommend using a specialist criminal injury firm of solicitors, such as Birchall Blackburn Law, to make sure your claim is as strong as possible. Whilst we understand no amount of compensation will ever bring back your loved one, we always strive to get you the maximum award we can to help with the financial strain of doing so.

What evidence do I need to support a fatal criminal injury claim?

We know the death of a loved one turns your life upside down and you don’t know what to do. That’s why our specialist Solicitors are here to guide you through every step of the way. The first thing to remember it is important that you provide evidence for the cause of their death if you’re thinking of claiming compensation.

Evidence can include:

  • Police reports
  • Court records
  • Medical records
  • Medical bills
  • The death certificate
  • CCTV evidence (if applicable)

What else can I claim on behalf of someone killed?

There are a number of payments you can apply for if a relative has died as a result of a criminal injury:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Bereavement compensation
  • Loss of benefits
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Medical expenses the victim had before they died
  • General damages

How long do I have to claim for a fatal criminal injury?

The usual time limit for making a fatal criminal injury claim is 2 years from the date of the incident. If the police declare your relative was killed by murder or manslaughter more than two years after it happened then the 2 year time limit starts from the date the case was deemed a crime.  

The sooner you can provide fresh evidence of the incident, then the sooner you can start your claim process – which can take several years depending on the complexity of the case.

How can Birchall Blackburn help?

Losing a loved one, especially to a criminal incident, is devastating. We know money won’t bring your loved one back – but it can help ease the stresses of everyday bills, debts from funeral costs and leftover medical bills.

If your relative was killed as a result of a criminal injury it’s important that you get legal help as soon as possible. We believe you shouldn’t have to experience the added stress of submitting a claim to the CICA by yourself – we will guide you through every step of the process. We have years of experience dealing with fatal injury claims and we do our best to help maximise the compensation you may be awarded.

We are Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) senior litigators and Law Society Personal Injury Panel members – so you can be assured our criminal injury solicitors will work with you to get the very best outcome.

Call our fatal criminal injury team on Freephone 0800 783 8485 or fill in our contact form here and we will get in touch with you.

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