Information about our services and prices

The cost of our property services varies depending on your requirements.

However, we can calculate price information for your specific transaction with just a few details from you about what you want.

You do not have to provide us with your contact details to obtain information about the price, but we can only agree to be bound by the quote if you do. Otherwise, you should treat the information as an estimate.

Further information about our service is contained within our Service and Pricing brochure. Our quote is subject to the information in that brochure.

Simply click here and complete the form to find out exactly how much we will charge.

Our people

As one of the largest firms of residential property solicitors, we are able to make sure every stage of the transaction is handled by an appropriate specialist team.

A dedicated team will work with you in the early stages to make sure we find out everything we need to know about you and your requirements. You will be able to contact anyone in our Client Services team at this stage in the process.

A specialist legal team will then take you through to the day of completion. The team will be experienced in the specific type of transaction.

We will tell you the name and status of everyone on your legal team as soon as we know which team is best for you at the time. We will tell you this before you decide to instruct us.

Every team has a team leader, but you will be able to contact anyone on the team if you need us.

After your transaction has completed, there will still be things that we need to do to make sure your interests are properly protected. Our dedicated post-completion team will take over at that point, so that you can be sure that the bit you don’t see, but which is no less important, is still getting our fullest attention.

All of our teams work under the supervision of one the following experienced lawyers:

  • Stacey Ashe, solicitor
  • Rachel Buckley, senior conveyancer
  • Andrea Fairweather, solicitor
  • Michael Foxford, solicitor
  • Tammy Jones, solicitor