Local Hospital standards criticised by Care Quality Commission

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Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), an independently run organisation set up to protect the standard of care provided to patients, visited the Guild Lodge on a number of occasions in November 2013. The Guild Lodge is a health facility which predominantly focuses on the treatment of those affected by brain injuries and mental health problems. CQC found that the Guild Lodge was failing to meet four out of six vital standards of care. The four areas of concern highlighted by the CQC are:

  • Failing to involve those concerned in patients treatment and decisions
  • poor standards of care for those using the service
  • failure to properly assess and monitor the quality of their service
  • failure to effectively and safely maintain patients’ records.

The CQC report goes on to advise that some of the patients had told their inspectors that they felt more like they were treated as prisoners than as patients looking for help. The report states that a number of patients also told their inspectors that they didn’t feel as though their needs or concerns were being respected by staff.

Following the CQC’s report on the falling standards at the Guild Lodge, an action plan has been put in place to try and assist the health facility in improving its services. A representative from the hospital has advised that the Guild Lodge are currently implementing changes to their system of care, to not only improve the way they care for patients, but how they record and maintain patient information. In the meantime the CQC have indicated that they will continue to review the services provided by the Guild Lodge.

Unfortunately this is not the only recently reported case of concerns over the standards of health care in the North West. A recently leaked report on the Liverpool Alder Hey Children’s Hospital appears to indicate that they too are failing in patient care, as staff at the children’s hospital are allegedly taking short cuts to ensure the swift treatment of patients, with an apparent disregard for safety procedures.

The CQC have stepped in to review the hospital’s practices and have made a commitment to the public, that they will work hard with Alder Hey to guarantee a safe and effective health facility.

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