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    Get to know me

    I joined the firm almost 20 years ago and have worked almost exclusively in Serious Injury Law and Clinical Negligence during this time. During my time at Birchall Blackburn Law I have headed a number of Departments and been responsible for securing significant damages for vulnerable clients following surgical errors, involving Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ureteric and bladder injuries, complex spinal injuries involving Dural tears and CSF leakages, cauda equina syndrome, and patients effected with compartment syndrome following crush injuries.

    Many of my clients have been left with serious Nerve Damage and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS. I have an interest in Orthopaedics and have dealt with a number of cases involving negligent hip and knee replacement surgery and product liability due to device failures.

    A number of my clients are protected beneficiaries due to the extent of their injuries, usually following significant head injuries and polytrauma’s.  I work closely with our Private Client department to ensure Deputy’s are appointed where necessary to assist the Claimant and their families through the litigation process and The Court of Protection.

    In the past I have successfully recovered significant Provisional Damage Awards for injured Claimants and amputee’s, recovering significant damages for the purchase of suitable properties, prosthetic limbs, aids, adaptations, past and future losses, treatment and care claims.

    I am particularly interested in accident and injury prevention which lead to me studying for an Occupational Safety and Health qualification, to degree standard. I am proficient in Risk Assessment, both pre and post incident. I have been instructed in a number of Inquests to protect the interests of family members who have lost relatives due to alleged surgical errors and inadequate risk assessments, particularly involving elderly patients and assessing falls risk.

    I ended up working in law because I enjoyed debate at school and was a member of the debating club. I became very versed at holding a good argument, as I became older my family knew I was destined for a career as a lawyer.


    Significant cases


    Settlement £85,000 January 2024 – Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury during birth

    The Claimant (C) claimed for injuries and consequential losses arising from a negligently acquired OASI (Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury), that occurred during the birth of her second child, which left permanent bowel and bladder symptoms and injuries to her vagina…

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    Settlement £170,000 July 2020 – Abdominal Hysterectomy and injury to bladder

    The Claimant (C), female aged 51, had several gynaecological appointments to attempt to alleviate her symptoms of heavy menstrual periods and pain. Her symptoms were not improving and as such, she was put forward for a total abdominal hysterectomy…

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    Settlement £145,000 February 2018 – Failure to diagnose and treat heart attack

    The Claimant (C), a male, aged 73 at time of instruction, 75 at age of settlement, began to experience chest pain on exertion and his GP referred him to the D’s Cardiology Department. On 10th March 2014 C was examined with a diagnosis of non-cardiac chest pain…

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    Settlement £670,000 in July 2013 – Spinal surgery and poor after care

    The Claimant (C), a self-employed builder, labourer, and handy man, aged 44, was admitted to Royal Preston Hospital after falling from a roof. At the time of being admitted, the C was complaining of severe pain and discomfort in his back…

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    Andrew Taylor and the Healthcare and Clinical Risk team provided an excellent, professional and dedicated service that resulted in a successful personal injury claim. Andrew's attention to detail was meticulous and I felt the upmost confidence in him and the team. Each part of the process was explained thoroughly and with sensitivity and any questions I had were answered promptly.

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